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GATEway Autism Therapies & Education, Inc. is a premier resource in evaluations and therapy options for individuals with autism. The center offers a collection of therapies and customized offerings of support based on your family's specific need.

The heart and soul of GATE, Inc. is to make life a little easier for families and to provide high quality services in a convenient format for optimal academic and behavioral success across settings.

Our motto is "See a need, fill a need."  Our services are inspired by collective international experiences working with families.  We use a customized approach to meet your child's specific need.  If you're interested in services other than those listed services, please contact GATE, Inc. for a free consultation and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Let us help you navigate the system on behalf of your child.  Finding the right resources and support can be challenging and your time is precious.  Let us take some of the burden and create a specific plan for your child today with our cadre of professionals. 

Why not receive the therapy your child needs by utilizing our telehealth therapy options in the comfort of your own home?

​Our Services - Testing and Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders for Ages 3-Adulthood

​Evaluation and Diagnosis: 

GATE, Inc. conducts comprehensive, multi-faceted evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Our uniquely comprehensive assessment process also includes a thorough review of school, medical, and clinical records.  Our goal is to honor a holistic perspective in order to design an individualized plan to ensure optimal success.

  • Autism evaluations for children ages 3-16 include options for telehealth or face to face

  • Autism evaluations for ages 17-adulthood through telehealth only

ABA Treatment:

  • ABA treatment for children ages 3-16 in the home setting or through telehealth services by our Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Parent and Physician offices - Click here for ABA services

Life coaching therapy: 

Our life coaching program uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to meet the needs of teens and young adults who are moving toward independence and adulthood. Life coaching is a problem-specific, goal-oriented approach and in its simplest form, is a powerful conversation between the coach and the client, who is ready and willing to focus on positive behavior change. Through CBT and ABA evidenced - based strategies, our coaches help to identify the thoughts, feelings and actions that may be getting in the way of the client’s goals. The client will then learn and apply CBT and ABA strategies to increase success and to reach their full potential in all areas of life.

While life coaching is not a traditional therapy, we now view a hybrid approach combining hallmark techniques from the spheres of behavior and psychology as the emerging opportunity for success in achieving sustainable changes in behavior. We take the goals that you and your teen or young adult identify as important and together we will develop a structured framework to achieve those goals.  Coaching can address these areas:

  • Time management and study skills

  • Assist with transitioning to job/higher education after high school

  • Age-appropriate social skills and social interactions

  • Independent living skills

  • Coping skills

  • Effective communication

  • Relationships - friendships or couples

  • Assist in creating healthy thought patterns

  • Creating healthy patterns of behavior and habits

  • Anxiety management

Life skills are essential as they give individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  more independence and control over their lives.  Life Skills services begin with an assessment to determine strengths, preferences, and needs.  The evaluation results form the basis of a treatment plan that includes measurable data-driven goals in specific skills areas.  

ABA "online" therapy is available globally.  However, outside of CO, WY, NE, and NM services would be considered out of network at a discounted rate. 

Other Services 


  • School consultation/plan/teacher training/collaboration

  • Classroom set up for students with autism spectrum disorders

  • Advocacy for families to ensure appropriate placement and services within the school

  • Consultation for behavioral or educational concerns

  • Development of goals and objectives for Individualized Education Plan and IEP review

Clinical Services:

  • Clinical consultation/plan/therapist collaboration

Parent Services:

  • Home consultation/parent training/direct therapy sessions


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